What happened to Living Country in the City?

You may be looking at The Wild Initiative website and thinking to yourself, “Wait just a second… I was looking for Living Country in the City!”. Well, y’ all… don’t fret. You’re in the right place.

Many of you are familiar with my history and the history of Living Country in the City. While Living Country in the City spoke to my past, I felt the brand was ripe for an update to something with the capacity for growth and change. Plus, let’s face it… Living Country in the City was an overly-wordy pain in the butt every time I had to type it in anywhere.

After much soul-searching (as well as trademark, Instagram, and domain name searching), I settled on the name, The Wild Initiative. I’ve always loved the word “initiative.” It’s action-oriented and speaks to choice, devising a plan and then acting on it to better your situation. “Initiative” has multiple definitions in the dictionary, and nearly every single one applies to what I’m trying to build and achieve.

ini·tia·tive | \ i-ˈni-shə-tiv

  1. an introductory step or leading action
    // took the initiative to go hunting on his own
  2. energy or aptitude displayed in the initiation of an action
    // showed great initiative
  3. an act or strategy intended to resolve a difficulty or improve a situation
    // a new initiative to teach hunter safety in schools

I’m not a native of this lifestyle. I wasn’t raised walking through the woods carrying my grandad’s rifle, looking for deer with my father. This is something that I took on of my own accord. This is my initiative for the wild.

More than just a logo, blog or podcast, The Wild Initiative is a representation of taking control of the present circumstance to reshape the future into something abundantly fulfilling. I hope to use this platform to inspire and encourage others to take these same steps.

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