Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn (FDB)

Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn

The Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn (FDB) is a venerable wild sheep conservation organization founded in Las Vegas in 1964. It holds the distinction of being the world’s oldest such group dedicated to the preservation of bighorn sheep. Back then, Nevada’s bighorn sheep population had dwindled to fewer than 2,000 individuals from historic highs of around 30,000. Today, thanks to the dedicated efforts of organizations like FDB, there are approximately 14,000 bighorn sheep in the state, making Nevada home to more of these magnificent creatures than any other state in the contiguous United States.

FDB’s primary mission is to provide critical water projects in remote areas of Southern Nevada, ensuring the survival of Desert Bighorn sheep and 67 other wildlife species. These projects are essential for the desert ecosystem’s health, as water sources can be scarce in these arid regions. Remarkably, FDB achieves all of this through the dedication of volunteers and without any paid staff members. They work closely with the Nevada Department of Wildlife, participating in activities such as ‘trap and transplants,’ migration studies, and the construction and maintenance of water guzzlers, which are vital for wildlife survival. Their ‘Adopt a Guzzler’ program engages members and volunteers in the ongoing upkeep of these essential projects, and they continuously strive to expand their efforts to support and sustain desert wildlife. If you partner with FDB, you’re not only helping to conserve Desert Bighorn sheep but also contributing to the overall health and vitality of the desert ecosystem.

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