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Driftwood Outdoors Podcast Ep 14

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Brandon Butler & Nathan "Shags" McLeod

Brandon Butler, award-winning outdoor columnist, teams up with award-winning radio DJ, Nathan “Shags” McLeod to bring you the best in Midwest outdoor adventures. The Driftwood Outdoors Podcast is the Midwest’s outdoor authority, an information and entertainment resource for the Midwest sportsman, covering everything from hunting to fishing, bigfoot to beer, river relief to conservation and beyond.

Deer Camp Recap

Brandon Butler and Nathan “Shags” McLeod talk with Bill Cooper, Paddle Don Cranfill, Kevin Orthman, Sam Ayres, and Eric Hoskins. Topics discussed: ranch stockings, big buck down, the Make Hunting Great Again debate, road trips, deer stories, mystery bait bucket, gear review and more.

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