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The Untaming Masculinity Podcast Ep 029

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Dan DeLaiarro & Brad Zook

If you’re ready to revolutionize your life and become the man you’ve always dreamed of being, check out The Untaming Masculinity Podcast. You will learn valuable tips across all areas of masculinity as well as hear from guys just like you who have done the work and are reaping the benefits in their families, careers, fitness, and overall lives.

Adult Onset Hunting with Sam Ayres

In this episode of Untaming Masculinity, Dan and Brad have the honor of sitting down with Sam Ayres, the founder of The Wild Initiative and host of the Wild Initiative podcast. In our conversation, Sam documents his journey going from an ad agency career in Southern California wearing three-piece suits and cruising around in convertibles to moving to Montana and dedicating much of his life to hunting, fishing, and outdoor conservation. He shares how easily men can get started and gets into the basics of what a first-time hunter should be investing in. He also documents the struggles and challenges of hunting and how they ultimately have made him a better man.

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