AccuBow is the brainchild of founder and CEO Matt Pell, a passionate archer and bowhunter who wanted to find a way to practice his skills without constantly going to the archery range. As an engineer by trade and an archery enthusiast at heart, Matt embarked on a journey to create the ultimate archery training tool. The initial prototype was a simple setup with a resistance band, PVC stick, and a laser pen to aid in aiming. Seeing the tremendous benefits in his own archery abilities, Matt decided to share this innovation with the world.

The AccuBow has since evolved into a sophisticated training device suitable for all ages and skill levels. From the AccuBow 1.0 to the portable Accubow 2.0 and the beginner-friendly AccuBow Nano, the company continues to enhance its products to cater to the diverse needs of archery enthusiasts. AccuBow’s dedication to innovation and improving archers’ skills makes it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to enhance their archery and bowhunting abilities, whether they are seasoned experts or newcomers to the sport.

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