Easton Archery

Easton Archery

Since 1922, Easton Archery has been at the forefront of precision arrow and archery equipment development and innovation. With a rich history spanning back to its founder James D. Easton crafting handcrafted wood arrows and bows, Easton Archery has consistently pushed the boundaries of archery technology. Their legacy includes introducing straight, consistent aluminum arrows in the 1940s, revolutionizing the sport. With a commitment to enhancing the archery experience, Easton’s expertise in aluminum, carbon composite, and all-carbon shafts has made them the trusted choice for bowhunters, competitive archers, and Olympic contenders alike. As the world’s oldest and largest supplier of shafts and components for arrow building, Easton’s dedication to innovation and quality remains steadfast, continuing to shape the archery industry and fuel the graceful flight of arrows.

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