Hunter’s Blend Coffee

Hunter's Blend Coffee

Hunter’s Blend Coffee is the brainchild of three passionate outdoorsmen, Mike, Paul, and Ken, united by their deep appreciation for hunting and coffee. These brothers-in-law recognize the vital role that coffee plays in the hunting world, and they’ve blended their love for both into a remarkable mission.

In the early 2000s, Paul and his wife Grace embarked on a journey to support coffee farmers directly. They began sourcing coffee straight from the growers, fostering sustainable trade practices that have resulted in hundreds of jobs and lifted people out of poverty. Together with Ken and Mike, they introduced a unique blend of Nicaraguan and Thai coffee to the hunting community. With Hunter’s Blend Coffee, you can savor your favorite hunting fuel while knowing that it’s making a positive impact on coffee-growing communities and the hunting world.

Hunter’s Blend Coffee is committed to excellence, sourcing only the top 6% of coffee beans globally. What sets them apart is their direct trade approach – they personally engage with every farmer they work with, building genuine relationships and ensuring fair wages for these hardworking individuals. So, when you enjoy their world-class coffee, you’re not only getting a premium cup but also supporting the livelihoods of dedicated coffee farmers.

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