SKRE Extreme Mountain Gear

SKRE is more than just an outdoor apparel company; it’s a passion project born from a deep love for hunting and a commitment to excellence. Founded by a group of avid hunters, including Mike Nielson and Mike Wand, SKRE Gear takes inspiration from the wild landscapes of Utah and beyond.

The SKRE team recognized that hunting gear should not only meet but exceed expectations. They delved into the science of concealment, collaborating with experts who have designed patterns for military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Understanding the significance of fractal patterns in nature and the human subconscious, SKRE developed cutting-edge concealment technologies. These include patterns like SUMMIT and SOLACE, designed to merge common shapes with the background, effectively disrupting the target’s outline. Combined with the best performance fabrics sourced globally, SKRE’s apparel ensures hunters are equipped with gear that doesn’t just perform but provides a crucial edge in the field. SKRE is more than just a brand; it’s a commitment to helping outdoor enthusiasts follow their dreams, create lasting memories, and find peace and enjoyment in the wild.

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