Treeline Academy

Treeline Academy

Treeline Academy is your ultimate resource for elevating your skills as a backcountry hunter. Designed to enhance your success in the challenging world of elk hunting, Treeline Academy offers an advanced e-scouting and hunt planning course alongside powerful Google Earth Pro toolkits. With an unwavering commitment to improving your odds, Treeline Academy guides you through comprehensive strategies that revolutionize how you approach hunting and hunt planning.

Founder Mark Livesay’s extensive experience and expertise shine through in the E-Scouting Elk Masterclass, providing you with in-depth insights into advanced e-scouting, hunt planning strategies, and optimizing technology. With over two dozen hours of training, member-only webinars, and a dedicated question and discussion area, Treeline Academy offers hands-down the most comprehensive platform to enhance your elk-hunting capabilities.

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