Keep Fish Wet

Keep Fish Wet

Keep Fish Wet is a conservation organization dedicated to promoting science-based best practices for catching, handling, and releasing fish. Their mission is rooted in the understanding that even small changes in how anglers interact with fish during catch-and-release can have a significant positive impact on fish survival rates and their ability to return to normal behavior post-release. By adhering to these best practices, anglers not only contribute to the conservation of fish populations but also maintain the enjoyment of their favorite pastime.

This organization strives to create a supportive community for learning and sharing these catch-and-release best practices. They emphasize that their approach is not about finger-pointing or shaming, and they recognize that catch-and-release practices can be applied to various types of fishing in different aquatic environments worldwide. Keep Fish Wet is committed to a set of principles backed by scientific evidence that address the factors within an angler’s control during the fishing experience, aiming to minimize the negative consequences of catch-and-release, such as injury, stress, and reduced reproductive success for fish.

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