Mule Deer Foundation (MDF)

The Mule Deer Foundation stands as a dedicated guardian of mule deer, black-tailed deer, and their precious habitats. With an unwavering commitment to science-based approaches and program efficiency, this organization is unique in its mission to restore, enhance, and safeguard these iconic deer species.

MDF’s initiatives span far and wide, covering the daily, seasonal, and yearly needs of deer populations across western landscapes. By collaborating closely with government agencies, fellow nonprofits, and private landowners, MDF actively contributes to conservation efforts, including land and easement acquisitions, ensuring the sustainable and thriving existence of these majestic creatures.

Moreover, MDF serves as a robust advocate for vital issues like public access, wildlife management, and conservation policies. With a deep belief in regulated hunting as a fundamental aspect of wildlife management, MDF not only champions responsible hunting but also takes pride in nurturing the next generation of outdoors enthusiasts. Through education, research, and mentorship, they are cultivating a legacy that upholds the traditions of hunting, shooting sports, and conservation for years to come.

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