National Bobwhite & Grassland Initiative

National Bobwhite & Grassland Initiative

The National Bobwhite & Grassland Initiative (NBGI) is a collaborative effort involving 25 state fish and wildlife agencies and various conservation organizations. Their shared mission is to restore wild bobwhite quail populations to levels comparable to those seen in 1980. The initiative originated in 2002 as the Northern Bobwhite Conservation Initiative under the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. Over time, it expanded to encompass the core range of bobwhite quail across 25 states.

NBGI operates with several key principles, including the belief that bobwhite and grassland bird populations can thrive on working public and private lands through improved habitat management. They recognize landscape-scale changes as the primary cause of population declines and view the restoration of wild bobwhites as a critical stewardship responsibility. Furthermore, NBGI values the cultural, economic, and heritage significance of bobwhite quail in American society and emphasizes the importance of partnerships and collaboration among various stakeholders. Their approach is long-term and adaptive, recognizing the need for a sustained effort to address conservation challenges effectively.

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