Pope and Young Club

Pope and Young Club

The Pope and Young Club is a renowned conservation organization that has been at the forefront of promoting ethical bowhunting and wildlife conservation in North America since its establishment in 1961. Named after the legendary bowhunters Dr. Saxton Pope and Arthur Young, the club is dedicated to preserving the heritage of bowhunting and ensuring the future of North America’s rich wildlife resources.

At the heart of the Pope and Young Club’s mission is the pursuit of fair chase bowhunting and the conservation of both game and non-game animals. The organization actively supports scientific wildlife research, habitat conservation, and educational initiatives that promote responsible bowhunting ethics and practices. They maintain a comprehensive record-keeping system for big game animals taken with archery equipment, which not only celebrates the achievements of bowhunters but also contributes valuable data to the study and management of wildlife populations.

Through a strong network of members, chapters, and volunteers, the Pope and Young Club work tirelessly to advocate for the principles of fair chase hunting, ethical bowhunting, and the protection of North America’s natural heritage. Their commitment to conservation and the preservation of bowhunting traditions has made them a respected and influential organization within the hunting and conservation communities.

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