Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife

Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife

Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (SFW) is a dynamic community of nearly 8,000 dedicated members who share an unwavering passion for wildlife and the sport of hunting. Rooted in Utah, this formidable group is resolutely committed to securing the future of their state’s precious habitats and the diverse wildlife reliant upon them.

SFW’s influence extends far beyond fundraising. While they annually raise substantial amounts through banquets, tag auctions, and various initiatives, their true strength lies in the collective efforts of their members. These sportsmen and women generously contribute their time, skills, and resources, making a tangible impact on wildlife conservation. Often, the funds raised serve as essential matching dollars to access national grants and PR support, accelerating the pace of their vital work.

Throughout the past few decades, millions of acres of public land in Utah have undergone rehabilitation, thanks to SFW’s conservation funds and dedicated manpower. This extensive effort has revitalized thousands of acres of critical winter habitat for deer and elk through practices such as chaining, burning, and re-seeding.

What sets SFW apart is its holistic mission, benefiting not only a single species but an array of big game species, upland birds, waterfowl, and aquatic life across Utah’s landscapes. Their focus primarily centers on habitat enhancement, with over $1 million annually invested in projects ranging from reseeding fire-damaged areas to removing pinion-juniper and planting sagebrush seedlings.

SFW continues to make a meaningful impact by raising millions of dollars and contributing tens of thousands of hours to the cause of wildlife conservation.

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