Guest Appearance
Two Bucks Podcast Ep 5

TB 005 Sam Ayres

Hosted By

Brian Krebs

The Two Bucks podcast is THE podcast for outdoor entrepreneurs. Host Brian Krebs believes you should have the opportunity to chase your dreams and passions instead of thinking about them while you’re on the clock. You will hear inspiring stories from guests on how they started their brands, their internal ‘why,’ and what got them where they are today – as well as the lessons learned from Brian’s own business. Aimed at sharing knowledge and helping others succeed, the Two Bucks podcast hopes to inspire you to pull the trigger on your own outdoor business and help you every step of the way!

Moving from California and Picking a Career Path in the Outdoor Industry w/ Sam Ayres

Sam is an adult-onset hunter and full-time outdoor entrepreneur. He hosts The Wild Initiative podcast and started The Wild Initiative Digital Media Group to help outdoor brands and small businesses with Digital Marketing, website creation, and social media management. Hear Sam’s story of growing up in Southern California, getting started in hunting, and finally taking the jump into full-time outdoor business and moving to Montana.

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