Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation (CSF)

Congressional Sportmen's Foundation

The Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation (CSF) is a non-profit organization committed to advocating for the interests of sportsmen and women before policymakers in Congress. Founded with the goal of protecting the cherished traditions of hunting, fishing, and outdoor pursuits, CSF works diligently to ensure that the voices and concerns of the sporting community are heard within the halls of government.

CSF actively engages with lawmakers at both the federal and state levels to advance policies that support and conserve the nation’s wildlife and natural resources while preserving the rights and opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Their efforts encompass a wide range of issues, including access to freshwater angling, combating chronic wasting disease, and safeguarding the long-standing traditions of hunting and fishing. Furthermore, CSF plays a crucial role in promoting National Hunting and Fishing Day, an annual celebration that not only honors these time-honored traditions but also serves as a platform for recruiting new enthusiasts. In a world where the intersection of conservation and outdoor recreation is of paramount importance, CSF stands as a dedicated advocate for all those who cherish the fin, fur, and feather pursuits.

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