Quail & Upland Game Alliance

Quail & Upland Game Alliance

The Quail & Upland Game Alliance (QUGA) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established on February 24, 2013. Its primary mission is to advocate for the creation, restoration, and preservation of habitat for quail and upland game birds. QUGA achieves its goals through a collaborative effort that involves members, landowners, and the utilization of various resources, including funds, materials, equipment, and natural resources.

A core focus of QUGA is to enhance habitat, which, in turn, promotes the growth of quail and other upland game bird populations. This approach not only benefits these species but also contributes to the overall health of the environment. QUGA also places a strong emphasis on youth education, recognizing the importance of instilling an early understanding of quail habitat preservation and ecological conservation. The organization operates through a decentralized structure that empowers local chapters to make their own decisions and manage their budgets, allowing them to best serve their respective communities throughout the Midwest.

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