Ep 3 – Patrick Alvarez of Bowhunter Brotherhood


Patrick Alvarez, founder of Bowhunter Brotherhood, joins Sam on Living Country in the City to share his journey from a city boy in New York to a passionate advocate for ethical bowhunting and conservation. Amidst discussions on overcoming negative stereotypes and fostering camaraderie, Patrick details his transition from a professional soccer player in Spain to a hunting apparel entrepreneur and community builder. Through Bowhunter Brotherhood, he aims to promote respectful hunting practices, debunk misconceptions, and create a positive community where like-minded individuals can come together.

Patrick’s childhood, spent immersed in outdoor games and sports, inspired his deep connection with nature and his eventual venture into bowhunting. He recalls the societal changes that have impacted outdoor activities, emphasizing the need to introduce hunting to others in a non-confrontational manner. Patrick’s story of resilience shines as he recounts his journey from a soccer career setback to launching Bowhunter Brotherhood, an apparel line that challenges stereotypes and represents a positive image of bowhunters.

The discussion dives into the heart of Bowhunter Brotherhood, a community focused on supporting ethical hunting, dispelling stereotypes, and nurturing camaraderie. Patrick underlines the significance of wearing hunting apparel that reflects knowledge and respect rather than perpetuating outdated misconceptions. With genuine camaraderie being the core of Bowhunter Brotherhood, Patrick shares experiences from the community, highlighting members’ excitement for hunts, their diverse locations, and their shared passion for ethical hunting and conservation.

Navigating the complexities of hunting, Patrick stresses the importance of scent control, wind direction, and ethical shots. He recounts memorable hunting experiences and shares valuable insights into self-filming hunts, a challenging endeavor that combines the art of hunting with cinematography. Patrick’s dedication to spreading awareness about hunting’s positive aspects is palpable as he addresses misconceptions, negative comments, and the vital role of hunters in conservation efforts.

The podcast further explores Patrick’s journey into hunting, his dedication to ethical practices, and the gratification of providing for his family through the meat he harvests. Addressing challenges faced by urban hunters and advocating for a deeper connection to nature, Patrick emphasizes the value of introducing others to the hunting experience. With unwavering passion, Patrick calls for a collective effort to educate and guide newcomers while reminding hunters of the true purpose of their pursuit.

As the conversation wraps up, Patrick shares insights into navigating hunting regulations and the questionable practices of certain organizations. He stresses the importance of education and mentorship, encouraging aspiring hunters to explore public lands and cultivate a genuine appreciation for hunting and conservation. Patrick’s journey from a soccer pitch to a thriving hunting community exemplifies his commitment to breaking stereotypes, fostering camaraderie, and advocating for ethical hunting practices.

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