Ep 237 – Ryan Carter: This is Murder and I’m Part of It


Ryan Carter of DC Outfitters returns to The Wild Initiative podcast, joining Sam in a candid conversation about trophy-hunting giant elk and the intricacies of hunting ethics and conservation. Despite a minor recording mishap, the discussion unfolds to reveal Ryan’s deep insights into elk behavior during different seasons, and why, contrary to conventional wisdom, he prefers not to hunt trophy elk during the rut.

The conversation delves into the critical role of educated advocacy for hunting’s defense, touching on memorable guide trips and the often cutthroat nature of the hunting industry, where success is sometimes overshadowed by negativity and jealousy.

Ryan highlights the importance of regulating hunting and technology while expressing concerns about mismanagement, including regulations influenced by public opinion rather than scientific principles. As he boldly questions, “Since when does conservation address issues based on feelings and social matters rather than f#$king science?!” This episode is a thought-provoking exploration of hunting ethics, conservation, and the evolving landscape of hunting practices.

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Ryan Carter

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